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TIP #17: It is Really Really Green!

I am really excited about a new (inexpensive) supplement that my husband and I recently started taking for our health.  It is called Chlorophyll, and it is made from the green pigment in plants.  Many green veggies that we should all eat contain Chlorophyll (spinach, kale, broccoli, lettuce, etc.).

As my husband and I sometimes struggle to eat enough of the daily greens, we really love drinking the liquid Chlorophyll with water or adding it to our "green" drinks.  The brand we purchased has a mint flavor from Now

The list of health benefits is almost endless with Chlorophyll to include the following:

1.  It works as a detox for heavy metals in the blood.  Chlorophyll cleanses the blood and supports a healthy digestion for toxin removal.

2.  It deodorizes the body internally alleviating bad breath or body odor!

3.  It is loaded with antioxidants that fight cancers.

4.  It aids the liver in a purifying mode.

5.  It helps to clear skin problems because it balances the alkalinity in our bodies.  Most of us are heavy on the acidic side due to our diets of red meat, heavy sugar and processed foods. The Chlorophyll helps to balance this problem because of the high alkalinity in it bringing our bodies back into the proper PH.

6.  It helps to eliminate parasites and candida yeast which is due to heavy sugar diets.  It also helps to curb "sweet tooth" cravings thus encouraging weight loss.

7.  Chlorophyll removes carcinogens from unhealthy food that has been eaten when taken before or after eating.

8.  It oxygenates the blood to give us more energy! This one is huge for me as I have struggled with fatigue in the past due to thyroid problems.

I could go on and on with many other health benefits, but basically this is one POWERHOUSE supplement for the whole family. 

Because Chlorophyll Liquid is VERY green, you must be careful not to spill it on clothes.  Also, swish your mouth out after drinking it, or you may temporarily look like the "Green Goblin":)


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