GlammaMisaAfter 27 years working and then retiring from being a CPA, I found myself in my mid-fifties as a wife of 25 years, a mother of two grown children and a grandmother of two beautiful granddaughters….

I felt truly blessed to have these wonderful people in my life, but still felt like I wanted another purpose in my life.   I found that I already had been living with my lifelong passion in life…..Wellness, Nutrition and Anti-aging.  

I realized that over the years, many women had asked me “What are you doing to stay so young”?  In fact, the number of people asking had actually increased over the last couple of years, as I turned 54 and 55!  They are the reason I started this website:  To help others with the products and knowledge I have found to work for me in the anti-aging and healthy living battle!

Furthermore, I have always been cost conscious about the products that I use (especially since I am now retired and can no longer afford expensive spa treatments).  So, I made it a point to find cost efficient and effective products to use and recommend.

But, even more important, I wanted to bring healthy skin care and ideas to people.  So, I became Certified in Natural Skin Care!  All of the skin care items that I will recommend will be researched for their safety profile on the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Website!  My MISSION is to help as many people as I can with the healthiest and most effective and cost effective products that I can!

I hope you will enjoy using these products and find real results as I have!!


Glamma Misa is certified in Natural Skin Care & Anti-Aging Techniques (certificates)








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" On my 28th birthday I realized that I wasn't getting any younger and I needed to take some proactive steps to ensure I age well and keep my skin looking young. I started using the products that Glamma Misa recommended to me and I've seen fantastic results! I love that I can trust that her products will be safe for my skin and I find comfort in knowing that she does all of the necessary research ... Read More

Kati R.

“OH my goodness! I love all of your wonderful TIPS, so much good information for our health, our skin - great beauty tips. …...Oh my dear Glam-Ma Misa - You are a walking encyclopedia when it comes to all these wonderful natural remedies to keep your immune system strong and vital and healthy. “

Margie V.

“Glam-Ma Misa is truly a wealth of invaluable knowledge on nutrition, skin care, and anti-aging products. Her advice has helped me look and feel better than ever! I am forever grateful for her help!”

Sydney S.

"I just turned 52 and I have been using the products recommended by Glamma Misa for a couple of years now and I can honestly say I am looking and feeling better than I did in my 30s! After seeing how subtle and young Misa's skin was looking I had to ask her what she was doing... Read More

Tracy R.

Glamma Misa is a wealth of information. She makes herself readily available to answer any questions and will come to your home to show you how to use the products. She is very passionate about helping people and explaining what these products do...because she has tested them and uses the products herself...they work! The products are a great value and I am very excited about using them. I love that she has done all the research and is sharing these wonderful products with me and my family.

Lorri Q.

I recently turned 53 and I am so happy to have found Glamma Misa’s most valuable website! It gives me great confidence in knowing that she is certified in Natural skin care as well as Anti-aging techniques. The techniques and tips she is teaching me are ones that she has been utilizing for years, and they have proven to do wonders for her skin and health. Her knowledge and her passion shine through as she teaches my family and me what has helped her. She is literally turning back the hand of time with healing products at great prices!!

~Criss G