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TIP #20: My New Favorite Little Animal Featured

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TIP #20: My New Favorite Little Animal

Have you ever wondered what many beautiful Korean and Asian women do to have such beautiful skin?  Well, one of our little garden friends is to thank for one of their beauty tricks!  The Snail is my new best friend and might just be yours too!  The beauty part is actually the Snail Mucin/Extract (known as Snail Filtrate).  The Snail Filtrate is purified and packed with beauty nutrients, such as Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides.  The Snail extract can really help with collagen formation to reduce wrinkles and firm the skin!  I found a wonderful product while I was vacationing in Florida, and it has really helped with my fine lines from the Florida sun.  I just LOVE it!!!  

The product that I use is called Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence.  I use this Facial Serum morning and night under my sunscreen during the day or my emu oil at night.  The best part is that the ingredients are mostly organic and safe to use!

The snails are so popular in Asian countries that women even go to Snail Spas where live snails crawl on their faces!  I think I will just stick with my serum, thank you :)




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