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TIP #27: Out With Those Nasty Toxins!!

Tip #27:  Out With the Nasty Toxins!


Have you ever really enjoyed yourself on vacation and come back home feeling sluggish, bloated and down?  Have you ever noticed that your skin has lost its glow and appears dull and saggy?  Well, these symptoms are many times due to toxin overload in the body and especially the liver (the skin’s main telling organ).


We are exposed to toxins everyday!  Toxins are rampant in our food, the air we breathe, the chemicals we put on our skin daily, etc.  This is why I feel it is VERY important to detox your system on a regular basis!  


The four main ways the body detoxes are found in the word P.U.R.E.


P is for Perspiration 

U is for Urination

R is for Respiration

E is for Elimination


I like using methods of detox that follow this acronym and that are easy to use so that I stick with them.  Some of the detox tricks that I use regularly are as follows:


    1. Drinking LOTS of water daily to flush the system.  I squeeze a lemon into the water in the mornings for extra detox!  (Urination)

    2. Walking daily outside (briskly) for 30-45 minutes to really sweat out those toxins! (Perspiration and Respiration)

    3. Eating lots of fiber daily (such as avocados) and drinking my daily GREEN drink for regularity. (Elimination) Click here to find a delicious Green Drink!

    4. Using my InfraRed SAUNA Blanket weekly for one hour to really detox and rev up the metabolism to maintain my weight.  (Perspiration)

    1. I take a good Probiotic daily to maintain good digestion and immunity. (Elimination)


After doing these simple detox tricks using PURE, I find that my skin glows, my weight stays even and I just feel better inside!  I hope you can use these tricks to really make a difference in your overall health and skin beauty!

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TIP #17: It is Really Really Green!

I am really excited about a new (inexpensive) supplement that my husband and I recently started taking for our health.  It is called Chlorophyll, and it is made from the green pigment in plants.  Many green veggies that we should all eat contain Chlorophyll (spinach, kale, broccoli, lettuce, etc.).

As my husband and I sometimes struggle to eat enough of the daily greens, we really love drinking the liquid Chlorophyll with water or adding it to our "green" drinks.  The brand we purchased has a mint flavor from Now

The list of health benefits is almost endless with Chlorophyll to include the following:

1.  It works as a detox for heavy metals in the blood.  Chlorophyll cleanses the blood and supports a healthy digestion for toxin removal.

2.  It deodorizes the body internally alleviating bad breath or body odor!

3.  It is loaded with antioxidants that fight cancers.

4.  It aids the liver in a purifying mode.

5.  It helps to clear skin problems because it balances the alkalinity in our bodies.  Most of us are heavy on the acidic side due to our diets of red meat, heavy sugar and processed foods. The Chlorophyll helps to balance this problem because of the high alkalinity in it bringing our bodies back into the proper PH.

6.  It helps to eliminate parasites and candida yeast which is due to heavy sugar diets.  It also helps to curb "sweet tooth" cravings thus encouraging weight loss.

7.  Chlorophyll removes carcinogens from unhealthy food that has been eaten when taken before or after eating.

8.  It oxygenates the blood to give us more energy! This one is huge for me as I have struggled with fatigue in the past due to thyroid problems.

I could go on and on with many other health benefits, but basically this is one POWERHOUSE supplement for the whole family. 

Because Chlorophyll Liquid is VERY green, you must be careful not to spill it on clothes.  Also, swish your mouth out after drinking it, or you may temporarily look like the "Green Goblin":)


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TIP #2: The Walk

TIP #2: The Walk

Because this topic is so incredibly important, I decided to continue with the subject before moving on to other interesting anti-aging topics. Yes, ANTI-AGING starts with regular, consistent exercise. You must find something that you can stick to daily. For some, it is hitting the gym or taking yoga classes. For me, the easiest thing to stick to is a daily walk! It's free, it's easy on your body, it clears your head, and it helps your skin to become beautiful! You can do it anywhere, even on vacation!

Let's touch on the skin part....a brisk walk circulates the blood and oxygen to your skin. This creates a rosy healthy appearance. If you are walking or exercising fast enough, you should sweat and this detoxifies your skin which leads to better looking skin immediately. Your skin is your largest organ, so it is important to practice daily detoxification!

Now, let's focus on the emotional benefits.....a brisk walk clears your head and lets you think about things more objectively. I always de-stress with my walks. I can tell because even my tight muscles are loose afterwards. If you can find a walking partner, even better. Talking while walking will make it seem like you are NOT even exercising. Time just flies by when you walk with someone.

Let's talk about how beneficial just a daily walk of thirty minutes is to your fitness goals. Did you know that 30 minutes of brisk walking burns about 150 calories? Well, that might not seem like much, BUT that is a whopping 15 POUNDS of calories lost in ONE year. Think about how quickly a year goes by (Christmas is almost here again).

Furthermore, many studies are now finding that "sitting is the new smoking" and Americans love to sit! By practicing a daily walk, it helps to decrease all that sitting time! This helps prevent many diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.

I hope you will find a walking partner or plug in some headphones of your favorite music and start this fantastic habit. You can also put those babies in the stroller if you are a new mom and get moving.  The babies LOVE walks and pushing a stroller ADDS lots of extra calorie burn!  I don't know of many things in life that can give you such huge returns!  As my grandmother, who lived well into her 90's, used to say "Move it or lose it!".

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